De-spaghettify your craft with MPX connectors

29. May 2014 15:05 by outbackuav in

I you are like me you hate spaghetti.  Not the stuff you eat but the stuff that fills all available space within your fuselage.  There's a lot of solutions out there including one that simplifies conncting several servos in the same spot.

These little guys have 6 poles - so that's VCC, GND and 4 servos or anything that can share the poer and ground planes.

Careful when soldering though, the plastics is soft and melts easily.  The trick is to plug them into eachother when soldering to keep the pins aligned even if things get a bit overheated.

My Bixler has a nifty all-in-one FPV pod which has two connections - a 12V JST and one MPX connector for pan, tilt, APM telemetry data (for the OSD), 5V and GND.