My Ground Station

I love building, let's just get that out there.

My ground station consists of:

  • 7" LCD monitor
  • 7" Android tablet running DroidPlanner and Andropilot
  • Digital video recorder (DVR) and remote control
  • 5.8GHz video receiver (VRX)
  • 915MHz telemetry tranceiver
  • 5A 12V lead acid gel battery
  • Video switch between DVR output and direct from VRX
  • USB hub (no longer used for telemetry tranceiver, just a handy powered hub for powering/charging random stuff like phones and cameras)
  • Voltage and current display
  • Main switch
  • Sun hood
  • Tripod

The video switch is very useful. 

Here's a functional diagram:

I've replaced the Android tablet since this diagram was done.  The new tablet doesn't seem to allow the telemetry transceiver to work through a USB hub so now it's connected directly and the hub is just for powering random USB things like my phone which is still useful.



GS with LCD showing DVR output  

At left: GS showing output from DVR on the LCD screen.  The 7 segment display shows the current draw (700mA).

At right: Showing 'pure' VRX output.  The 7 segment display shows the voltage (12.1V).